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Calopogonium Caeruleum Cover Crop
Calopogonium Caeruleum Cover Crop
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Specification of Calopogonium Caeruleum Cover Crop

Calopogonium Caeruleum (CC)

Eternal, twisted. Stems become wooden with time. Rooting in knots when in contact with moist soil. May be hairy or barely hairy. Will spread from the stolon under favorable conditions.

Types of Plant Seeds that can improve Nitrogen levels, control erosion, reduce soil temperatures, improve soil fertility, and control pests.

Growing Habits
Medium shade. Can be resistant to flood conditions. Grow better on acid soils. (pH 4.5-5). Tolerance to drought

Type of Planting & Planting
Monoculture - 10kg / ha. mix - 4kg / ha

Planting Methode
digging and holes

14t / ha (single piece)

Number of seeds / kg
65,000 - 70,000

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